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Week One – Course Outline

I have not actually mapped this class out or developed any curriculum per se, I will just wing it for the most part. I do want to break it down into topics and try to bring it all together in the end though. I will be going for a 10 week course so I will need 8 topics to cover so here goes:

1.  Supply and Demand – Economic Basics

2.  Taxes – Necessary Evil or Social Hammer?

3. VAT  Value Added Tax – What the Heck is it?

4.  Carbon Credits/Taxes – What the Heck is it Part 2?

5.  Free Market Theory – Chaos or Regulators?

6.  Social Security – Abused and Misused

7.  National Health Care – What Does This have to do with Economics?

8.  Government Spending – The other Side of Taxes 

I was going to start off with taxes as that was the topic that got me started on this, but after thinking about it, supply and demand is the most basic concept and should be understood before moving on.  If you cannot accept the rules of supply and demand you may as well not even continue to read this blog as you will never have a chance at understanding it.  In fact, if you do not accept the rules of supply and demand you probably should just not even worry about anything, economically speaking, as you are probably going through life worried about all the wrong things anyway. 

This course is for entertainment purposes only so there is no need to prepare for any tests, but I would advise studying the concepts I raise because, “The job you save may be your own.”   If this quote sounds familiar it’s because it is. I stole it from the short story title, “The Life You Save May Be Your Own” written by Flannery O’Connor.  I’m pretty sure that quote has been used in a commercial or two over the years, but I digress.   I use this quote because I believe it to be true and it is one of the main reasons I am writing this.  My hope is that if I educate even just one person, that one person will educate others and it will spread.  I am sure there are others like me and if they in turn can educate a few people and in turn they others, it will spread even further. 

This country took a turn for the worse somewhere in the last 50 years, and we need to start turning it back in the right direction.  The majority of fiscally conservative people, and I think they make up a solid majority of the country, did not take what was going on quite serious enough.  They were too busy working trying to make a living and probably thought it was all just a bunch of noise and things would take care of themselves.  They probably never thought anything like what is happening now could actually happen in this country…and they were wrong, they are finally waking up to that fact.  The rise of the Tea Party movement is the clearest evidence of this awakening (more on them at a later date).   There is no sense in lamenting on how it happened, it did, the only thing that matters now is making sure it does not get any worse and that we start to push it back in the other direction.

So check back in a week or so for our first lesson and if there are any questions don’t hesitate to ask. If I don’t know the answer I will find someone that does and get an answer ASAP.




Hello World!

I was inspired to start this blog after I heard a story about a Quinnipiac Poll that stated a majority of republican voters would choose to increase taxes on those making over 1 million per year as viable plan to reduce the deficit ( My first reaction to this was one of surprise, what could these people be thinking? My second thought was people need to be educated on the economic basics, especially if you believe in a free market economy such as the one we are supposed to have in the United States (more on that in a coming post). The third thing that popped into my mind was that I could start a blog to do just that and I could call it “Conservative Economics 101”. I like to write, I like to think I have a good handle on the basics, and I feel passionately about this topic…so here I am.

I’m a pretty busy guy working 60 hours a week and helping my wife run our small horse farm another 15 hours a week and going to Drexel University part time on line for another 15 hours a week and (this sounds exhausting) and raising my 2 youngest daughters and trying to get some physical activity in each week at the gym and on the pitch (rugby), so forgive me if I’m a little late with my self-inflicted schedule of posting an article weekly or responding to any others posts on my blog.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I am able to open some eyes to where this great country should be headed in terms of economic policy.